Nabeel Atique

Nabeel has been practicing yoga for the last 15 years. He first discovered yoga at a rock climbing gym and it was a great way to stretch before and after climbs. But he soon learned that yoga was a lot more than that – it was a way to connect the mind and the body, to attain focus in one’s practice and one’s life. Yoga has helped him climb some challenging mountains in the Alps, the Andes, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and locally, Mount Shasta, Mount Rainier and Mount Hood, to name a few. He left an engineering career in 2004 to devote his time to teaching mathematics. He has been teaching college mathematics full time since 2006. In 2014 he decided to combine his love of teaching and his love of yoga and completed a 200 hour Teacher Training at YogaWorks in Southern California. It was a life changing experience. Just like he loves the diversity of students in his math classes, he loves the different styles of yoga and more importantly the uniqueness each student brings to a yoga class. His classes focus on alignment and injury prevention. Nabeel grew up in London, Rome, Mumbai and Dhaka and speaks Bengali, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu and Italian. He is an avid traveler – to him traveling is a form of education and he loves to learn something new about people and places.